The City.

My Learning place.


The city (village, neighborhood or urban area in general) offers countless opportunities for education. We want to explore how to facilitate this continuous learning process engaging the citizens in the non-formal and informal situations. There are plenty of spaces ready to be “influenced” by our learning purposes such as museums, cultural centers, open spaces, official buildings, libraries, etc. During the project we will discover different tools and methods used in non-formal adult education. We will also explore how to turn meeting places into learning spaces. And we will also identify the best ICT tools to enhance adult education processes. The whole city will be turned into our learning space, and we will fill it with contents for everyone around to find it attractive and motivating to learn. We will connect the different spaces and even connect with the cities of our partners in this learning partnership. We have built a big partnership, in order to explore different styles of cities and different approaches to “citizens participation”. We have partners from North to South and from East to West of Europe, so we can affirm that we will strengthen the real concept of European citizenship. Among the different partners we count on public and private institutions, interested in fostering participation and citizenship for one common aim: the improvement of our societies.